Adams Scott Instructor, Computer Network Technology and P C Maintenance TECHNICAL STUDIES 543-5997
Allen Doug Building & Grounds Custodial Supervisor BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS (PHYSICAL PLANT) 850-4800
Allen Tamekia Coordinator/Instructor, Surgical Technology NURSING/ALLIED HEALTH 543-5967
Allred Randall Fiscal Support Analyst FISCAL AFFAIRS 850-4929
Anderson Connie Administrative Specialist II/Data Entry Supervisor STUDENT AFFAIRS 543-5958
Atwood Marie Software Development/Database Support TECHNOLOGY SERVICES 850-2180
Barbaree Joel Physical Plant Director (Cell 718-5593) BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS (PHYSICAL PLANT) 850-4821
Battles Kerry Building & Grounds Custodial BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS (PHYSICAL PLANT) 850-4800
Battles LaShauna Payroll FISCAL AFFAIRS (Business Office) 543-5978
Bogard Karen Executive Assistant, President's Office OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT 543-5907
Boren Ron Coordinator/Instructor, Learning Assistance Lab STUDENT AFFAIRS 850-3062
Bowman Larry Information Technology Manager, Student Network TECHNOLOGY SERVICES 850-8411
Bradford Amanda Instructor, Business Technology TECHNICAL STUDIES 543-5940
Branson Terri Instructor, Radiologic Technology NURSING/ALLIED HEALTH 543-5980
Brooks R. Teryl Instructor, General Studies/A & P/ Nursing & Allied Health GENERAL STUDIES 850-8639
Brown Keesha Instructor, Registered Nursing NURSING & ALLIED HEALTH 850-3065
Buckhanan Errica Administrative Specialist I STUDENT AFFAIRS 543-5909
Calhoun Lozanne Registrar / Director of Student Records STUDENT AFFAIRS 543-5952
Camp Katina Coordinator/Instructor, Practical Nursing NURSING/ALLIED HEALTH 543-5987
Campbell Kristi Business Manager FISCAL AFFAIRS (Business Office) 850-3113
Carnes, Jr. Russell Instructor, Math Specialist STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES (TRIO) 850-8580
Carter Marilyn Instructor, Radiologic Technology NURSING/ALLIED HEALTH 850-8417
Cater Lisa Coordinator of Administrative Computing TECHNOLOGY SERVICES 543-5911
Chamel Joyce Library Technician LIBRARY & DISTANCE LEARNING 850-4814
Childs Dena Human Resources FISCAL AFFAIRS (Business Office) 543-5959
Clausen Terry Simulation Specialist NURSING/ALLIED HEALTH 850-8606
Cobb Tracy Instructor, Mathematics GENERAL STUDIES 850-8416
Copeland Nerva Education Career Counselor/Center for Working Families COLLEGE AFFAIRS 543-5914
Cox Donna Director of Financial Aid STUDENT AFFAIRS 543-5968
Demmings Daytra Business Technology, Instructor TECHNICAL STUDIES 850-3069
Domineck Deborah Administrative Specialist II, Nursing & Allied Health NURSING/ALLIED HEALTH 543-5917
Domineck Sam Financial Aid Officer I STUDENT AFFAIRS 543-5939
Downing Elisha Accounts Payable FISCAL AFFAIRS (Business Office) 543-5991
Dunn Barbara Director of Admissions & Enrollment Management STUDENT AFFAIRS 543-5957
Dupra JoAnn Director, Technology Services TECHNOLOGY SERVICES 543-5993
Ellis Rosemary Administrative Specialist III, Academic Affairs ACADEMIC AFFAIRS 543-5934
Furgason Chuck Network Analyst TECHNOLOGY SERVICES 543-5949
Ferguson Stephanie Cashier FISCAL AFFAIRS (Business Office)  
Gober Lisa Program Coordinator, Career Pathways CAREER PATHWAYS 543-5969
Grimmett Wanda Administrative Specialist I GENERAL STUDIES 543-5973
Gunter Michael Vice President for Student Affairs STUDENT AFFAIRS 850-2187
Guy Stephanie Coordinator/Skills Lab/Instructor, Practical Nursing & Nursing Assistant Program NURSING/ALLIED HEALTH 543-5986
Harrod Chris Instructor, Social Sciences GENERAL STUDIES 543-5946
Herron Chemia Student Recruitment Specialist STUDENT AFFAIRS 850-3116
Hill Laqueta Assistant Registrar STUDENT AFFAIRS 850-8632
Hilterbran Stephen President OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT 543-5907
Hood Carolyn Instructor, LPN/Paramedic to RN Option NURSING/ALLIED HEALTH 543-5983
Hunthrop Alison Career Pathways Counselor CAREER PATHWAYS 850-3061
Hunthrop Renee Administrative Specialist I, Data Entry STUDENT AFFAIRS 543-5955
Hyatt Bobby Counselor, Student Support Services STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES (TRIO) 850-8487
Jeffers Gerald Library Support Assistant – Evening Hours LIBRARY & DISTANCE LEARNING 850-4813
TBA TBA Cashier FISCAL AFFAIRS (Business Office) 543-5953
Jiner Jr. Sue Building & Grounds Custodial BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS (PHYSICAL PLANT) 850-4800
Johnson Sherry Instructor, Respiratory Care NURSING & ALLIED HEALTH 850-8633
Jones Dora Administrative Specialist II STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES (TRIO) 850-8582
TBA TBA Administrative Specialist I, Admissions STUDENT AFFAIRS 850-8605
Jones Kedrick Assistant to Vice President of College Affairs / Webmaster COLLEGE AFFAIRS 850-4822
Keith Kandiace Financial Aid Specialist STUDENT AFFAIRS 543-5913
Kelley Shirley Administrative Specialist I, Information Center STUDENT AFFAIRS 543-5900
Lawhon Nicholas Buildings & Grounds Maintenance BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS (PHYSICAL PLANT) 850-4800
Layher William Instructor, Biology GENERAL STUDIES 850-3067
Lindsey Wanda Director, Workforce Development Center WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT CENTER 543-5950
Madden Gregory Instructor, Math GENERAL STUDIES 543-5975
Matthews Eleanor Student Success Advisor, Nursing & Allied Health NURSING/ALLIED HEALTH 850-8588
McNew Bill Instructor, Computer Information Systems TECHNICAL STUDIES 543-5979
McVay Dennis Instructor, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology TECHNICAL STUDIES 543-5976
McVay Jenny Administrative Specialist II TECHNICAL STUDIES 543-5931
Mills Freda Shipping & Receiving Clerk BUILDINGS & GROUNDS (PHYSICAL PLANT) 850-4800
Millwood John Instructor, Emergency Medical Science NURSING & ALLIED HEALTH 543-4817
Montgomery Beverly Instructor, English & Reading GENERAL STUDIES 543-5928
Morehead Kaleybra Vice President of College Affairs/Advancement COLLEGE AFFAIRS 543-5963
Morehead Kaleybra Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs ACADEMIC AFFAIRS 543-5906
Munnerlyn Amber Administrative Specialist II, Nursing & Allied Health NURSING/ALLIED HEALTH 543-5917
Nix Tommy Instructor, Radiologic Technology NURSING/ALLIED HEALTH 850-8604
Ogles Tony Network Analyst TECHNOLOGY SERVICES 543-5920
Parrish Angela Fiscal Support Analyst FISCAL AFFAIRS (Business Office) 850-8608
Pearce Nancy Director, Student Support Services STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES (TRIO) 850-8585
Perry Verna Industry Training Specialist WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT CENTER 543-5948
Peters Marsha Instructor, Business Technology TECHNICAL STUDIES 543-5970
Pierce Tina Coordinator/Instructor, Radiologic Technology NURSING/ALLIED HEALTH 543-5941
Powell Joe Information Technology Manager, Staff Network TECHNOLOGY SERVICES 850-8590
Pyland Deborah Director of Retention COLLEGE AFFAIRS 850-3075
Ray Kumar Instructor, Business Technology TECHNICAL STUDIES 543-5922
Rice Iry Instructor, Industrial Maintenance and Electronics  TECHNICAL STUDIES 850-8607
Richter Don Instructor, Respiratory Care NURSING/ALLIED HEALTH 850-8633
Roberts Sherri Career Counselor (Career Choices and VA, WIA, TAA, Rehab, etc.) STUDENT AFFAIRS 850-3120
Roby Leavorn Building & Grounds Maintenance ll BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS (PHYSICAL PLANT) 850-4800
Ryburn Nancy Instructor, Psychology GENERAL STUDIES 543-5945
Scott Rachel Instructor, Mathematics GENERAL STUDIES 543-5971
Selman Ray Workforce Development Center Administrative Specialist II WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT CENTER 543-5947
Seymore Lyric Dean, Technical Studies/ Workforce Development Center TECHNICAL STUDIES 543-5966
Shanley Mark Interim Dean, General Studies GENERAL STUDIES 850-3121
Shapiro Gregory Criminal Justice Technology Instructor TECHNICAL STUDIES 850-3114
Shaw Leslie Coordinator/Instructor, ECDT/EDUC TECHNICAL STUDIES 543-5989
Smith Courtney Admissions STUDENT AFFAIRS 850-8605
Smith Janelle Coordinator/Instructor, Respiratory Care NURSING/ALLIED HEALTH 543-5924
Smith II H. Will Assistant Director for Financial Aid STUDENT AFFAIRS 850-3112
Sneed Estee Instructor, Practical Nursing NURSING & ALLIED HEALTH 850-3115
Spikes Tikeecha Library Support Assistant LIBRARY & DISTANCE LEARNING 850-4840
Stith Gail Education Counselor (Test Interpretation, Learning Accommodations, Counseling) STUDENT AFFAIRS 850-2183
Stutchman Ellen Instructor, English GENERAL STUDIES 850-4927
Tate Katrina Instructor, English & Reading Specialist STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES (TRIO) 850-8581
Teel Gina Instructor, English & Speech GENERAL STUDIES 543-5961
Thrower Jabe Building & Grounds Maintenance BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS (PHYSICAL PLANT) 850-4800
Treglown Mary Kathryn Instructor, English GENERAL STUDIES 543-5944
Trotter Joe Coordinator/Instructor, Phlebotomy NURSING/ALLIED HEALTH 543-5962
Vollertsen Jack Instructor, Chemistry & Physics GENERAL STUDIES 543-5965
Vollertsen Mary Instructor, Biology GENERAL STUDIES 850-8587
Wallace Debbie Vice President for Fiscal Affairs FISCAL AFFAIRS (Business Office) 543-5996
Ward Angie Buildings & Grounds Administrative Specialist III BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS (PHYSICAL PLANT) 850-4820
Watts Tamera Career Pathways Community Outreach Coordinator CAREER PATHWAYS 850-4823
Weatherly Alice Purchasing Specialist FISCAL AFFAIRS (Business Office) 850-8629
Wessell Dan Instructor, Strategies for College Success TECHNICAL STUDIES 850-8591
Willbanks Shawn Instructor, Drafting/CAD TECHNICAL STUDIES 543-8638
Willbanks Tara Manager BARNES & NOBLE BOOKSTORE 850-3140
Williams Angelia Accountant FISCAL AFFAIRS (Business Office) 850-8603
Williams Diann Vice President for NAH & Institutional Effectiveness NURSING/ALLIED HEALTH 543-5929
Williams Kimberly Librarian LIBRARY & DISTANCE LEARNING 850-4815
Wilson Velma Buildings & Grounds Custodial BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS (PHYSICAL PLANT) 850-4800
Woods Magnolia Coordinator/Instructor, LPN/Paramedic to RN Option NURSING/ALLIED HEALTH 543-5995
Works Waylon Building & Grounds Maintenance BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS (PHYSICAL PLANT) 850-4800
Young Melissa Instructor, Nursing Assistant/Practical Nursing NURSING/ALLIED HEALTH 850-8635
Young Shaun instructor, Registered Nursing NURSING & ALLIED HEALTH 850-8637