Dr. Stephen Hilterbran President 543-5907
Karen Bogard Executive Assistant 543-5907
Academic Affairs
Dr. Kaleybra Morehead Vice President, Academic Affairs 543-5963
Andrew Vogler Public Relations Specialist 850-4822
Terry Clausen Webmaster, Media, & Simulation Specialist 850-8606
Student Services
Dr. Michael Gunter Vice President, Student Affairs 850-4826
Brooke May Administrative Specialist 850-2187
Lozanne Calhoun Registrar 543-5952
  Assistant Registrar 850-8632
Connie Anderson Administrative Specialist 543-5958
Deborah Pyland Director of Retention 850-4834
Renee Hunthrop Administrative Specialist 850-2182
Nerva Copeland Education Career Counselor 543-5914
Sherri Roberts Career Planning/VA Specialist  850-3120
Temeke Butler Counselor  850-2183
Barbara Dunn Director, Admissions 543-5957
Shirley Kelley Administrative Specialist 850-3117
Candice Jones Career Coach 850-8605
Debrah Mitchell Coordinator, Recruitment 850-3074
Dedrick Jones Career Coach 850-8605
Jamiah Chatman Career Coach 850-8605
Katlin Stubbs Career Coach 850-8605
Michelle Heard Career Coach 850-8605
LeShala Collins Administrative Specialist 850-2188
Nancy Pearce TRIO  Program Director 850-8585
Dora Jones Administrative Specialist 850-8582
Terry Harden Counselor, Student Support  850-8487
Katrina Tate Faculty/TRIO Read & Eng 850-8581
Russell Carnes, Jr. Faculty/TRIO Acad Spec  850-8580
Technology Services
JoAnn Dupra Director, Technology  Services 543-5993
Blane Stroud Research Project Analyst 850-8611
Gene White Network Analyst 543-5949
Joe Powell Information Technology  Manager 850-8590
  Network Support Analyst 850-3128
Larry Bowman Network Analyst 850-8411
Lisa Cater Coordinator, Admin Computing 543-5911
Marie Atwood Computer Support Specialist 850-2186
Student Advocate
Ron Boren Interim Student Advocate  850-3062
Fiscal Affairs
Debbie Wallace Vice President, Fiscal Affairs 543-5996
Randall Allred Fiscal Support Analyst 850-4929
Alice Weatherly Purchasing Specialist 850-8629
Angela Parrish Fiscal Support Analyst 850-8608
Angelia Williams Accountant  850-8603
Elisha Downing Accounts Payable 543-5991
Janice Cook Human Resources Specialist 543-5959
Jennifer Johnson Cashier 850-1764
Kristi Campbell Business Manager 850-3113
LaShauna Battles Payroll 543-5978
Shalonta Edwards Cashier 543-5953
Steve Ballard Controller 543-5910
Financial Aid
Donna Cox Director, Financial Aid 543-5968
Gail Nelson Assistant Director, Financial  Aid 850-3112
Errica Buckhanan Administrative Specialist 543-4909
Sam Domineck Financial  Aid Specialist 543-5939
Kandiace Keith Financial  Aid Specialist 543-5913
Career Pathways
Lisa Gober Coordinator, Career Pathways 543-5969
Alison Hunthrop Counselor  850-3061
Tamera Watts Coordinator, Community Outreach 850-4823
Adult Education
Leah Irvin Director, Adult Education/WAGE 850-4836
Debbie Clark Instructor, Adult Education 850-4836
Deborah Lathan Instructor, Adult Education 850-4836
Kimberly Williams Librarian 850-4815
Joyce Chamel Library Technician 850-4814
Tikeecha Spikes Library Support Assistant 850-4840
 Distance Learning
  Coordinator, Distance Learning 850-3118
Jennifer Holcomb Dean of Nursing 850-4917
Rosemary Ellis Administrative Specialist 543-5934/5917
Eleanor Matthews Student Success Advisor 850-8588
Deborah Domineck Administrative Specialist 543-5917
Katina Camp Coordinator/Instructor, Practical Nursing  543-5987
Linda Linsy Instructor, Registered Nurse  850-8637
Magnolia Woods Instructor, Registered Nurse  543-5995
Sheila Brown Instructor, Practical Nursing/CNA 850-8635
Stella Nyarangi Instructor, Practical Nursing 850-8586
Stephanie Guy Coordinator, Skills Lab/Instructor, Practical Nursing 543-5986
Tonya McBride Instructor, Practical Nursing 850-3115
Mary Davis Instructor RN 850-4816
Varry Surratt Instructor RN (Online) 850-3065
Allied Health
Dr. Joe Trotter Instructor Phlebotomy 543-5962
Janelle Smith Coordinator/Instructor, Respiratory Care 543-5924
John Millwood Instructor/Clinical Coordinator, EMS 543-4817
Karston Bradford Coordinator/Instructor, EMS 850-2184
Marilyn Carter Instructor, Radiologic Tech 850-8417
Tamekia Allen Coordinator/Instructor,  Surgical Technology 543-5967
Terry Branson Instructor, Radiologic Technology  850-5980
Tina Pierce Coordinator, Radiologic Technology 543-5941
Tommy Nix Instructor, Radiologic  Technology 850-8604
General Studies
Dr. Mark Shanley Dean, General Studies (Interim) 850-3121
Wanda Grimmett Administrative Specialist 543-5973
Beverly Montgomery Instructor, English & Reading 543-5928
Chris Harrod Instructor, Social Sciences 543-5946
Dan Wessell Instructor, Strategies for College Success 850-8591
Dr. Chris Cunningham Instructor, Biology 850-8639
Dr. Nancy Ryburn Instructor, Psychology 543-5945
Dr. William Layher Instructor, Biology 850-3067
Ellen Stutchman Instructor, English 850-4927
Gina Teel Instructor, English, Humanities, & Philosophy 543-5961
Gregory Madden Instructor, Mathematics 543-5975
Jack Vollertsen Instructor, Chemistry & Physics 543-5965
Jo Jackson Instructor, Psychology/Sociology 850-4830
JoNece Carter Instructor, Oral Communications  850-3114
Mary “Pat” Tate Instructor, English 850-2185
Mary K. Treglown Instructor, English 543-5944
Mary Vollertsen Instructor, Biology 850-8587
Rachel Scott Instructor, Mathematics 850-4828
Tracy Cobb Instructor, Mathematics 850-8416
Technical Studies
Lyric Seymore Dean, Tech Studies/WFC 543-5966
Jenny McVay Administrative Specialist 543-5931
Amanda Ginger Instructor, Business Technology 543-5940
Cardell Meadows Instructor, Business Technology 543-5970
Daytra Demmings Instructor, Business Technology 850-3069
Faycal Znidi  Instructor, Electrical & Manufacturing Technology  850-3127 
Greg Shapiro Instructor, Criminal Justice  543-5918
Iry Rice Instructor, Welding 850-8607
John Pyland Instructor, HVAC  543-5976
Kumar Ray Instructor, Business Technology 543-5922
Leslie Shaw Coordinator/Instructor, Early Childhood Development 543-5989
Scott Adams Instructor, Computer Network Technology 543-5997
Shawn Wilbanks Instructor, Drafting/CAD 543-8638
Workforce Development
Wanda Lindsey Director, Workforce Development 543-5950
Jo Ann Addison Administrative Specialist 543-5947
Jeffrey Pulliam  Business and Community Coordinator  543-5948
Buildings & Grounds
Joel Barbaree Physical Plant Director 850-4821
Courtney Bond Administrative Specialist 850-4820
Steven Harris  Institutional Services Assistant  850-4800
Shirley Williams  Institutional Services Assistant  850-4800
Ronald W Works Maintenance Supervisor 850-4800
Kala Davis  Institutional Services Assistant  850-4800
Eddie Gardner  Custodial Supervisor  850-4800
Doug Allen Shipping & Receiving Clerk 850-4810
Chris Brown  Institutional Services Assistant  850-4800
Barns & Nobles
Tara Marshall Bookstore Manager 850-3140
Sylinda Furgason Bookstore Salesperson 850-3140
Shark Attack
Cindy McAninch Food Court Manager  850-4829
Security (main) Security 557-4211
Security (2) Security (2) 850-4899