Pafford EMS landed their Air Medical helicopter in front of Founders Hall, home of SEARK’s Nursing and Allied health program, as part of a classroom visit and community outreach program.  


The visit engaged students on a variety of topics including proper helicopter approach and landing zone operations, flight operations, landing zone safety and the process in which to become a flight medic or nurse.   According the Scott Gann, EMT/Paramedic Program Coordinator, “this was a great resource for our students and really brought classroom instruction to the real world.  The presentation from this crew influenced two of the EMT students to seek higher certifications and continue this education past the EMT level.”


SEARK College would like to give a special thank you to the Pafford Medical Staff and their Bravo Air team including Flight Paramedic Lucy Penny, CCP-C, FP-C; Flight Nurse and Flight Paramedic Julie Wallace CFRN, FP-C, Flight Paramedic Trey Auld, FP-C, CCP-C, C-NPT and Pilot Mike Bollen.


For more information about the SEARK EMT or Paramedic Program contact Scott Gann at or at (870) 850-2184.
Students from the Practical Nursing program at SEARK College are provided an orientation, by the Pafford EMS Air Medic Bravo Team, into the procedures related to different aspects of flight paramedic operations.  SEARK College EMT/Paramedic students enjoying the opportunity to learn from the Pafford EMS Air Medic Bravo Team about different career paths related to the emergency medical field and life flight services.