Associate to Bachelor (A2B)

The Associate to Bachelor (A2B) Program is a partnership between the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) and Southeast Arkansas College (SEARK). The Program provides first-time college students the opportunity to take courses toward concurrent degrees at both SEARK and UAPB. Students who do not meet the minimum requirements for full admission at UAPB gain the academic support benefit from both institutions:

  • A2B students are admitted as degree-seeking student at SEARK and non-degree seeking at UAPB.
  • A2B students must enroll in a minimum of nine (9) hours at SEARK and a minimum of three (3) hours at UAPB.
  • Students may not apply directly to the A2B program. If a student is denied admission to UAPB because they do not meet the minimum academic admission requirements, the student must receive an invitation to apply to the A2B Program from the UAPB Office of Admissions.


Which school should I go through for financial aid?

  • Students should apply for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) for both UAPB (code: 001086) and SEARK (code:014893).
  • If you have already applied the FAFSA to UAPB, you will need to add SEARK re-direct to your application where your financial aid will be disbursement.
  • Your financial aid will first be disbursed at SEARK with any remaining aid remitted UAPB. 
  • Students can use the Arkansas Challenge Scholarship if they meet the criteria to receive the award.

What are my tuition and fees costs?

  • You pay all required tuition and fees (separately) at both schools. The payment of fees made to each institution must meet the respective institution’s deadline.
  • The cost of attendance (COA) includes both SEARK and UAPB tuition and fees, and UAPB room and board costs.

What support services are available to me?

  • Students are eligible for student support services at both SEARK and UAPB. These services include library privileges, academic advising, tutoring, and success coaching at UAPB.
  • UAPB Living Learning Centers are located in the Harrold and the Delta Housing Complexes. These Centers provide academic, recreational, and social services to all students.
  • Link to UAPB Student Success Center
  • Link to SEARK Tutoring Central

Can I play NCAA sports as an A2B student?

  • No. National regulations prohibit students not enrolled full-time at UAPB to participate or represent teams in NCAA sports.
  • Students can participate in intramurals sports.

Can I participate in a fraternity or sorority as an A2B Student?

  • No. Students can rush after completion of the transition period of 30 credits and the student has earned full admission to UAPB.

Can I participate in band or choir?

  • Yes. Students must go through the standard process and auditions.

What Courses can I take as an A2B student?

  • All courses at both institutions are restricted to 1000 or 2000 level courses during the transition period.
  • Students will participate in New Student Orientations at both institutions and receive academic advisement on necessary credit hours to achieve an Associate’s degree at SEARK and complete a Bachelor's degree at UAPB.

What are my housing options?

  • UAPB housing and meal plans are available to all A2B students but are not required of students living fewer than 50 miles from UAPB campus.
  • All students living on UAPB’s campus are required to purchase a meal plan.

How do I get from one campus to the other?

  • A2B students are welcome to drive their own vehicles, if they wish.
  • Both campuses require the purchase of a parking decal.
  • Both SEARK and UAPB provide shuttle service to and from both campuses.

How do I sign up? 

  • Please contact Dr. John Proctor at SEARK by the August 1 deadline (870-850-3074 or jproctor@seark.edu) to apply for SEARK admission and for the A2B Program.
  • For information about the A2B Program at UAPB contact Sondra Johnson at 870-575-8383 or johnsonso@uapb.edu.