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Concurrent Credit

What is Concurrent Credit?

Concurrent Credit allows the college-ready student to attend class at a partner high school and earn BOTH COLLEGE and HIGH SCHOOL credit, while still in high school.

Why should I participate in Concurrent Credit?

BIG savings on your college tuition and fees – resulting in smaller student loans and out of pocket expense. Here is a tuition comparison inclusive of all fees (not including room and board):

Credit Hours 4-Year University SEARK Concurrent Credit
3 $943.77 $0
6 $1,725.54 $0
9 $2,507.31 $0
12 $3,289.08 $0
15 $4,070.85 $0

Concurrent credit saves time in school since you will be attending college while attending high school and earning credit for both. Earn enough credits, and you could graduate high school as a college sophomore.

Who is Eligible?

Any Arkansas High School student who meets the regular admission standards for Southeast Arkansas College.

Where can I transfer the credits earned?

Every available course is a part of the Arkansas College Transfer System ( and will transfer to ANY 2-year or 4-year college in Arkansas. Most out of state schools will also accept the credit transfers, however, please check with your out of state school for transferability.

How much does this cost?

Currently, Southeast Arkansas College is providing a scholarship for all tuition and fees – a free ride.

What classes are offered?

This varies by high school, but normally includes English, Literature, and History courses. The course inventory is subject to change at any time. Below are the current courses offered through our partner high schools:

Dollarway High School

Watson Chapel High School

White Hall School

How do I get started?

  1. Submit Concurrent Credit Admission Application to the Southeast Arkansas College Admissions Office:Southeast Arkansas College:

1900 Hazel Street
Pine Bluff, AR 71603
(870) 850-8605

  1. Submit Test Scores: The student must have standardized test scores (ACT, Accuplacer, PLAN, or EXPLORE) indicating that he/she meets the minimum placement test scores established for the course which he/she wants to enroll.
  English 19 80 14 16
Math 19 41 15 17
Reading 19 83 14 15

The minimum Reading score is required for any Concurrent Credit course; minimum English and Reading scores are required for English Composition; minimum Math and Reading scores are required for mathematics courses.

  1. See your high school counselor for information on the next registration period.

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