Seark College


The GED® is accepted by most colleges and universities and provides adults who did not complete high school with an opportunity to pursue further education and training. The military accepts the GED® if other qualifying criteria are met. The GED® is well accepted by the business and industrial community.

The four GED® subtests are designed for adults who have not finished high school, but who have gained knowledge and skills through life experiences, reading books and newspapers, listening to television and radio, etc. The tests are designed to measure general knowledge and higher-order thinking skills. The tests are in the areas of Reasoning Through Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematical Reasoning.

You must be 18 years of age with a valid Arkansas Driver’s License or State issued photo ID. The tests are $4 each. The official testing site for the GED Exam is located at Southeast Arkansas College (SEARK) Workforce building [link to campus map] located at 2505 West 18th.

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