Seark College

Building Identification

A map of the entire campus is available in .pdf form here.
Building Abbreviations
Each building on campus is represented on our schedules and calendars by abbreviations, the list of which are below. Each link will provide an image of the building to assist in finding its location on campus.
  • ECDT = Early Childhood Development Center contains a model child care facility. The site will be used for hands-on training for early childhood development students. Completed 2009 Spring Semester.
  • FH = Founder's Hall Assessment/Nursing and Allied Health Center contains the offices of the Dean for Nursing and Allied Health. This building houses the Nursing and Allied Health classrooms/labs, a 152 seat Lyceum (lecture hall), and faculty offices. This 24,204 sq. ft. building is located on the southwest corner of the campus.
  • MG = McGeorge Hall contains the office of the Dean for General Studies along with classrooms, labs, faculty offices, conference room, and multipurpose seminar room.
  • GSN = General Studies North (Formerly Technical Center North) contains the Learning Assistance Lab, classrooms, and faculty offices.
  • GSS = General Studies South (Formerly Technical Center South) contains the biology/ chemistry labs, physics lab, classrooms, and faculty offices.
  • TECH = Technology Center is located at 18th and Hazel Street and contains the Dean of Technical Studies, classrooms, and laboratories.  Completed 2009 Spring Semester.
  • WDC = Workforce Development Center and Career Pathways contains Career Pathways, Workforce Development Center, classrooms, non-credit computer lab, and faculty/staff offices.
  • LIB = Library and Center for E-Learning is located at the corner of Hazel Street and Rike Street, open during spring 2010. The new library includes individual and group study rooms, expanded shelf space for a growing collection, comfortable computer work stations for public access computers, 'hot' wired tables for personal laptops, wireless Internet access, and a new Compress Interactive Video installation in the new Distance Learning Classroom. Lockers for short term use and recycling centers are located in the building's foyer.
  • CHC = College Hall Commons contains the Barnes & Noble College Book Store, Shark Attack Cafe and Campus Security.
  • CHA = College Hall Administration contains the offices of Recruitment and Student Support Services (TRiO).
  • CHN = College Hall North, or the Student Services/Business Services building contains the Student Advocate Office, Registrar, Admissions, Registration, Disability Services, Career Services, Veteran Affairs, Financial Aid, testing center, conference room, and offices. This building was renovated in 2006. Business Services is located to the north of Student Services through a connecting hallway. This building contains the controller, cashiers, payroll, personnel, accounts payable, and accounting. The Business Services building was added in 2006.
  • BG = Buildings and Grounds/Physical Plant contains the office of the Physical Plant Supervisor and staff and Shipping and Receiving.

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