Concurrent Credit

What is Concurrent Credit?

Concurrent Credit allows student in high school to earn college credit for certain classes they are taking at their high school.

Why should I participate in Concurrent Credit?

Concurrent credit gives you a jump start on your college classes while you are still in high school.

Who is Eligible?

SEARK College partners with several high schools in the region. Eligibility depends on the classes that are offered at the high school. Check with your High School Counselor to determine what classes qualify for Concurrent Credit.

Where can I transfer the credits earned?

The Arkansas College Transfer System provides guidelines for the transferability of courses within the Arkansas public colleges and universities. Remember, you already have already started at SEARK why not stay?!

How much does this cost?

Currently, Southeast Arkansas College is providing a scholarship for all tuition and fees – a free ride.

What classes are offered?

This varies by high school, but normally includes English, Math, Science and History courses. There are some Career and Technical courses such as Business Management, Accounting, Criminal Justice and Welding. Check with your High School Counselor for courses available at your school.

What high schools are partners with SEARK College?

SEARK College currently partners with the following high schools: Dollarway, Sheridan, Southeast Arkansas Preparatory, Watson Chapel, and White Hall. Students participating in the Jefferson Area Technical Career Center (JATCC) receive concurrent credit for their programs of study.

How do I get started?

  1. Apply to the Southeast Arkansas College. Follow this link to create an account and complete the application.

         Apply Today!

  1. Submit ACT or Accuplacer Test Scores. There are some classes that require certain test scores to enroll in the class.
  1. See your high school counselor for information on the next registration period.