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Welcome Concurrent Credit Faculty!

The SEARK College Concurrent Credit Program is a partnership between SEARK College and your school district. Through this program, your students have an opportunity to get a jumpstart on the academic challenges of college by enrolling in SEARK courses and receiving college credit while taking classes in your high school environment.

Concurrent credit programs in Arkansas are operated in accordance with the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board Policy 5.16 issued July 26, 2013.

The Concurrent Credit Faculty Handbook linked below contains a distilled version of the information needed to help you and SEARK College meet the requirements of the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s Policy for Concurrent Credit. Please familiarize yourself with the contents of the Handbook.

Concurrent Credit Faculty Handbook

Concurrent Credit Faculty Handbook

Students are provided with a Concurrent Credit Student Handbook detailing their responsibilities. The Student’s Concurrent Credit Handbook and the SEARK Student Handbook are available below.


Key Academic Calendar Dates. The entire Academic Calendar provides a complete schedule for all campus events.


Forms. During the semester, it is possible you many need to process an incomplete contract, grade change, or withdraw a student. The required forms are available in the Concurrent Credit Faculty Handbook.



Have a successful semester!

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