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Welcome Concurrent Credit Students!

The SEARK College Concurrent Credit Program is a partnership between SEARK College and your school district. Through this program you have an opportunity to get a jumpstart on the academic challenges of college by enrolling in SEARK courses and receiving college credit while taking classes in your high school environment.

Please take a few minutes to review the two documents below. You are responsible for the content of both. The Concurrent Credit Student Handbook provides student information specific to your concurrent credit experience. The other document is our regular Student Handbook detailing the services available to all our students including Library privileges, personal counseling, career counseling, and academic advising.

Concurrent Credit Student Handbook

Concurrent Credit Student Handbook

Tips for a successful semester


Tutoring. Concurrent Credit courses, as college courses, are typically more challenging than most high school courses. Keep current in your reading and homework. Remember, as a SEARK student, you have access to tutoring free of charge.

Withdrawal. Sometimes in your academic studies a withdrawal may be necessary. Students can withdraw from a class for any reason. Withdrawal means a “W” will be entered on your permanent SEARK transcript. While you forfeit any credit for the course, the “W” is not calculated in your GPA. You need to be mindful of the last day to withdraw, because after that date, you cannot withdraw and will receive a grade for the course. Please note that withdrawing from your high school class does NOT withdraw you from the SEARK College class. 

Incomplete. An alternative to withdrawing can be an incomplete. Incompletes can be granted by the teacher for certain circumstances where a few extra weeks can allow you to successfully finish the course. 

Have a successful semester!

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