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Are online courses right for me?

Students are expected to establish and maintain high levels of involvement and interaction throughout the semester. Some find online learning to be a positive, rewarding experience; others experience frustration and difficulty succeeding in this type of class. Possessing certain qualities will increase your chance for success with, and enhance your enjoyment of, online classes.


You know yourself best. Answering these ten (10) questions will help you determine if online learning is right for you. When done, at the bottom of the page tally your results.



1. Having face-to-face interaction with my instructor and other students is:

   A. Very important to me.

   B. Somewhat important to me.
   C. Not particularly important to me.



2. I am someone who:
   A. Puts things off until the last minute or doesn't complete them.

   B. Needs reminders to get things done on time.
   C. Gets things done ahead of time.



3. Classroom discussion is:
   A. Almost always helpful.

   B. Sometimes helpful.
   C. Rarely helpful.


4. When I get instructions for an assignment, I prefer:
   A. Having the instructor explain it to me.

   B. Trying to follow directions on my own but am willing to ask for help as needed.
   C. Figuring out the instructions myself.


5. I need the instructor's feedback on my assignments:
   A. Right away or I get frustrated.
   B. Within a few days, or I forget what I did.
   C. Within a few weeks, so I can review what I did.



6. The amount of time I have to work on an online course is:
   A. Less than the time I have for a classroom-based course.
   B. The same time as I have for a classroom-based course.
   C. More than the time I have for a classroom-based course.



7. The hours I'm available for classes are:
   A. Flexible. I can arrange my schedule easily.
   B. Structured. I only have certain times available around other commitments.
   C. Nontraditional. I'm available for classes at times that most classroom-based options are not offered.



8. Going to a classroom on a regular basis for class is:
   A. Not difficult.
   B. Somewhat difficult, but I can rearrange priorities so I can attend.
   C. Extremely difficult because of work, family, or other personal reasons.



9. I would classify my reading ability as:
   A. Below average. I often need help to understand what I read.
   B. Average. I sometimes need help to understand what I need.
   C. Good. I usually understand what I read without help.



10. When asked to try new software or computer programs:
   A. I put it off or try to avoid it.
   B. I feel apprehensive, but I try anyway.
   C. I look forward to learning new skills.


Now it’s time to grade! To grade your test, use the rubric list below.

A=3, B=2,C= 1


Score 24-30
Based on your responses, you're a good candidate for online learning. You have a good combination of study skills, equipment, and personal attributes necessary to succeed in an online course


Score 18-23
Your responses indicate that you might be a good candidate for online learning.   Perhaps you need to make some adjustments to your study schedule or get comfortable with technology before you register for online classes.


Score 10-17
Online learning is not a good choice for every student, and your skills and interests may fit better in a traditional campus setting. If you decide to take an online class, consider taking a subject that you really enjoy so you'll be more motivated to do the assignments and participate in class discussions.


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