How do online classes work?

Distance education aims to deliver quality education to students who are not able to physically attend campus or who want an alternate route to class offerings. Delivering education online gives the student flexibility throughout their program. When education is to be taught primarily online, an effective learning environment has to be in place to foster the learning of every student.

Students who enroll in online courses must have:

  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Knowledge of Word Processing, e-mail, and internet usage

Access to computer, the internet, and web browser, and other software or hardware configuration as needed.

Online Courses

Online courses provide a convenient way to balance between work, family, and school. When designing online courses, we strive to seek the same outcome of a traditional campus class.

Hybrid Courses

In "hybrid" classes, a significant amount of the course learning activity has been moved online, making it possible to reduce the amount of time spent in the classroom. Traditional face-to-face instruction is reduced but not eliminated.