Career Pathways

Career Pathways Initiative

Career Pathways is a grant funded program here to help you with gas, childcare, tuition, or books.

Eligibility Requirements: You must have a child under the age of 21 and at least one of the following:

  • Current or Former recipient of TEA
  • Currently receiving SNAP, Medicaid, or ARKids
  • Household income is less than 250% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Program Benefits:

  • Gas Vouchers
  • Childcare Assistance
  • Tuition and fees if you are not able to receive a Pell Grant or other scholarship
  • Books
  • Testing fees for Board Exams

Want to apply for Career Pathways? If you meet the requirements, submit your Intake Form online. Career Pathways will contact you to set up an appointment time because we meet with all applicants one-on-one to determine need and how we can assist you. You’ll be asked to bring in this documentation (PDF), including this program questionnaire (PDF), to complete your file. You may also fill out the program questionnaire online. You will be notified from Career Pathways on any assistance we can provide.

You can find our Career Pathway Student Handbook here (PDF). Feel free to call or email us if you ever have any questions.


Student Service building, Room 157

Lisa Gober, Director

Dalia MacKay, Student Coordinator


State website: