President's Welcome

Dear Prospective Students and Friends,

Welcome to Southeast Arkansas College (SEARK)! Our goal at SEARK is to create a positive impact by providing opportunities for personal growth and professional development through our educational programs.

The committed faculty at SEARK College are deeply dedicated to the academic success and overall development of our students, while our staff are ready to offer essential information and support services to help you thrive during your time here. We strive to nurture an inclusive and supportive environment that promotes self-expression throughout your journey at SEARK.

With a wide range of programs across various fields, and at a significantly lower cost compared to public four-year institutions, SEARK College not only offers a path to a degree but also opportunities for growth, exploration, and preparation for a successful future. Whether you aim to transfer to a four-year college or start a career with valuable credentials, SEARK is here to set the foundation for your educational journey.

Understanding the importance of balancing academic pursuits with personal well-being, we are committed to providing comprehensive support to ease your path. Guided by the SEARK Vision of "Empowering Students and Changing Lives," we are devoted to connecting with you on a personal level, offering guidance to navigate your college experience with confidence and ease.

We look forward to playing a part in your success story!


Tyrone Jackson, Ed.D.

SEARK College President