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Shark Shout Outs

Stay connected, stay strong, stay positive!

Let’s share our words of appreciation and gratitude for each other during this challenging time. A SHOUT OUT is intended to identify and recognize individuals or groups for a noteworthy act or effort.

Examples of what might warrant a SHOUT OUT include:

  • Collaborating in new and unique ways
  • Going beyond expectations
  • Demonstrating the values of the college, department, or community
  • Being a positive influence during this uncertain time

We will send the recipient and their supervisor an email letting them know that you shouted them out for an excellent job!


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michael shell

SEARK has helped me in many different ways. The first way would be the whole teaching staff helped me find my sense of purpose again. What I mean by that is they helped me not only get certified in welding but to really realize how much I can achieve if I really put my mind to it. I have also been employed at Greenway in Pine Bluff for about 7 months, and my duties there are to weld or fabricate any and all parts. I truly do enjoy what I do for a living, and for a guy who less than 2 years ago was still on a parole, I do believe that SEARK has helped me to turn my life around. Furthermore, any time I get a chance, I will tell someone about how good of a school and place that SEARK truly is . I know that without a shadow of a doubt that I have learned more that I could have imagined while I have been at SEARK, and this has also truly prepared me for the work that I intend to do for the rest of my life. Because for me, welding is not just some job to pay the bills! To me welding is a passion and a love of mine. That sums up all the priceless things to have to say about SEARK. So, this is how SEARK has helped me since I first started attending there.

-Michael Shell


My name is Misty McGann. I am a wife and mom from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. I am 43 years old and attend SEARK college. In Spring 2019, I enrolled at SEARK college and began taking my pre-reqs for nursing school. I am currently enrolled in the School of Nursing Generic RN program. I expect to graduate in Spring of 2022. It has been a tough journey, but I am keeping my eye on the prize!! I cannot wait to walk across the stage when I graduate. For so long I have put my dreams on hold to raise my children and take care of my family. I really appreciate my instructors Mrs. Vagts, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Davis, and Mrs. McCree for always having faith in me and encouraging me to keep pushing forward. I appreciate Tutoring Central for advising and guiding me on this wonderful journey. I am so grateful and blessed to have such a great support system not only at home, but at SEARK college.




Congratulations to SEARK Adult education student Aiden McClusky for earning the second highest grade in Arkansas on the state's GED testing


Joseph called and wanted to know if we could do something for them.  I called Farron Mercer who is the Department Manager, so we came up with water.  Voila! we put this together quickly yesterday.  We needed a truck, so Taylor Spencer went to Camden Arkansas to pick up his Fathers truck,  came back to pine bluff.  They first went to Super 1 foods but they would only let them have 7 cases.  They went to Tractor supply and they told them what they were doing it for and they gave them they rest.  Even gave them an employee discount and loaded them in the truck!.  They came by and picked me and my Dollie up and then we delivered to the hospital.  They were so appreciative.  The ER even let us use their cart to help take up stairs and thanked us for thinking of their therapists.

Mr. Mercer called to day and wanted to make sure how much his department appreciated the water and for thinking about them. 

I also want to brag on these two students.  They started coming in on Fridays on their own to clean and organize the lab.  Joseph is the VP of the club and Taylor Spencer is the Treasurer.

RT students

I would like to give SEARK Shout Outs to Jabe Thrower, Gene Sellers, and Michael Huneycutt of Facilities Management. Recently, I had issues with the lock on my office door which required multiple trips to rectify. Each time I requested help, it was promptly and cheerfully delivered. Michael even vacuumed the area where they worked after the project was complete. Nowadays, you can't even get a service person who comes to your home to clean up after themselves! Thanks again to Jabe, Gene, and Michael for their timely and competent service, professionalism, and positive attitudes!

Jabe Thrower


Dr John Proctor

I would like to send a SEARK Shout Out to Dr. John Proctor, Interim Director of Recruitment, for the amazing recruitment video he just produced. Hands-down, I think this is the best recruitment video that has ever been developed for the College! The reason why I think this video stands head-and-shoulders above this rest is because it speaks directly to our youth with a positive, uplifting message that makes a college education seem to be an attainable goal instead of a far-flung dream. Keep up the good work, Dr. Proctor!


I would like to send a shoutout to President Bloomberg. President Bloomberg has changed the dynamics of SEARK College. Morale is up. This president has the student's best interest at heart, and the staff and faculty also. I've been at Seark for a long time and I can say he is one of the best president's that we've had. He is motivator and role model. The ambitions he have for SEARK is like none other. He has a heart of gold and is wiling to help those in need. The is without a doubt a pillar of the community, and for that, I thank him!!! 

Steve bloomberge

Shark mask

Buildings and Grounds. From maintenance to custodial support the team has went above and beyond dealing with the pandemic.


I would like to do a shout out to the Advising and Retention team. The have been working hard to make sure that our students are tested and registered for classes. A special shout out to Mrs. Nerva Copeland who has worked with and reached out to several student to unsure that their enrollment was not only smooth and painless but also successful. She has gone as far as keeping track and checking to make sure that documents are received so that she can properly advice our students. 

The whole department is a united unit with members that work together and get the job done. 

SEARK logo

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Sherri Roberts is awesome! Always willing to help! And I know I bug her a lot! 

Lozane Calhoun always gets me what I need in a timely manner. She is the best! 

Deborah Dominick is who keeps us going in Founders! She helps me in every way that she can.