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Student Loan Information

SEARK participates in the Federal Direct Student Loan Program (subsidized and unsubsidized). The US Department of Education provides information about different types of student loans.

** Remember: all loans need to be repaid with interest. **

For more information on student loans, go to or contact our Financial Aid Office at (870) 543-5909 or . You may also want to Use the Repayment Estimator and view more information on Entrance Counseling and Exit Counseling.

Your previous and current student loan information can be found it National Student Loan Data System for Students

How to Apply for Loans

Depending on need, freshman students are eligible for up to $3,500 per year in subsidized student loan funds and sophomore students are eligible for up to $4,500 per year in subsidized loan funds. Additionally, unsubsidized student loan funds are available.

Note: The ACTUAL out-of-pocket expenses for each semester for a full-time student enrolling in 12 semester credit hours will be approximately $1,600 tuition and fees with an estimated book cost of $600 (figures will vary based on your actual enrollment and/or degree). If you have registered for classes, you may go to Self Service (Student Planning), select Student Finance, then Account Activity to determine your tuition and fee expenses. (Don’t forget to estimate an expense for books). You may wish to borrow just enough to cover your actual expenses.

Student loans are not automatically awarded. Please contact our office at (870) 543-5909 for more information on how to apply for student loans.