COVID-19 SEARK's Response

Update Regarding the Operational Status of Campus

Good morning students,


I hope you are doing well this spring semester. I wanted to give you an update regarding the operational status of campus. Currently, much of Pine Bluff is suffering from low water pressure. On campus, unfortunately; the situation is worse. We do not have enough water pressure for restrooms to be functional. We cannot safely open campus without sanitary facilities; particularly, in light of the ongoing pandemic.


I have been in discussions with Liberty Utilities and their leaders, as well as the leadership in Pine Bluff. Every effort is being made to restore water pressure to the system. However, until that pressure is restored, we cannot open campus safely.


Although the question has been posed to the leadership of Liberty Utilities, they have thus far refused to provide any semblance of a timeline when the water pressure will be normalized--so, until that time, we will remain in a virtual mode with classes being held online or via Zoom.


Also, here is the Facebook page for Liberty Utilities: They have promised to update this site frequently.


This is an unfortunate situation because we were just settling into a rhythm for the spring term. Many of you were attending class on campus and things were starting to feel a bit “normal” again. I want to thank you all for your willingness to adjust and I hope I can see you on campus soon.


I will update you regularly on this situation.


In the interim, best wishes and be safe!


President Bloomberg