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The logo should not be altered or redrawn in any way, such as outlining, adding shadows, screening or rotating it. Other art or type should not be added to it. To distinguish the SEARK logo, it is preferred that the logo be surrounded on all sides by protected area as if a diamond were around the logo. The protected area sets the logo apart from other graphic elements and preserves the integrity of the logo. Proportions of the logo should always be maintained. Take care not to stretch or distort the proportions of the logo. In many software programs, keeping the proportions true entails holding down the shift key while resizing the graphic by dragging one of its corners.

Always maintain adequate contrast between the logo and the field on which it appears.

Approved Logos:

SEARK logo Shark logo



The official colors of Southeast Arkansas College are Shark Teal (Pantone 7716C) and Purple (Pantone 669C). The official logo and brandmark color of Southeast Arkansas College is Pantone Teal 7716C. True black or white must be used for the diamond logo and identifying text. The college logo or brand mark may be printed in black or white when the publication or signage is only being printed in black and white. It should be noted that different types of mediums may affect the appearance of the colors used, but every effort must be made to ensure the signage is as close to the official college colors as possible. The following are the approved colors:

SEARK teal

CMYK: 79,11,45,0
RGB: 0,167,157
HTML: 00a79d

SEARK Purple

CMYK: 80,97,0,45
RGB: 63,42,86
HTML: 3F2A56


Additional Branding Color

In some pre-approved cases, SEARK branded materials and signage may use the color orange to offset the official colors. The college logos and seal must never be changed to orange, but some identifying type or other design elements may use this.

The Official College Name

The official College name is Southeast Arkansas College and shall appear on all signage and publications as such. The acronym SEARK (pronounced SEE-ark) is also appropriate on most signage and publications.

SEARK orange

CMYK: 0, 45, 97, 0
RGB: 255, 158, 27
HTML: ff9e1b


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