Seark College

SEARK College recently held the SEARK Sharks Summer Reading Camp.  The camp was a 3-week summer literacy camp for rising 3rd graders that kicked off the college’s youth literacy initiative.  This program is designed to assist all levels of readers from local school districts to accelerate their reading and comprehension skills ahead of the coming school year. 


According to Lynette Bloomberg, Literacy Initiative Coordinator, “Students entering the 3rd grade experience the most dramatic shift in reading growth more than any other time in their educational experience.  We targeted this age to provide greater opportunity for students to develop and advance their skills as readers.”


Bloomberg also stated that “with this being our first year, we designed the camp as the initiative’s pilot project.  We also partnered with Dollarway School District and hope to establish a structure that will allow for further growth in the coming years.  At the conclusion of this year’s camp, we were able to move through multiple literary levels and students were supplied with their own personal library of 9 books that include several which were read in the program as well as books of a more difficult level.”


The camp also provided field trips to Mike Huckabee Delta Rivers Nature Center and The Arkansas Railroad Museum. The outings demonstrated the “need to read” through signage, facility information and provided literature at each location. The students were also accompanied on the field trips by Steven Bloomberg, President of SEARK College and Scott Kuttenkuler, Vice President of Student Affairs for SEARK College. 


The camp was free to the students and was made possible thanks to a grant funded by the Dollar General Store Corporation and generous donations from FBT Bank & Mortgage and Super 1 Foods at the E. Harding Ave. location.


The calendar for SEARK’s literacy initiative program is currently being developed and additional information will be made available as dates and events are established.  For more information please contact Ms. Lynette Bloomberg at 870-543-5962.



PHOTO Caption:  Participants of the 2018 SEARK Reading Camp, along with SEARK President Steve Bloomberg and Program Coordinator Lynette Bloomberg, visit the Arkansas Railroad Museum.  As part of this year’s program students visited several locations around Pine Bluff including the SEARK College Campus and the Mike Huckabee Delta Rivers Nature Center