Seark College

When need meets a willingness to help others, a determination to overcome obstacles and the resources to make change happen … great things can be accomplished!  Over the course of the last year that is exactly what has happened at the SEARK College Food Pantry.  On Thursday March 14th the SEARK Food Pantry will celebrate 1 year of operations and this program is reaching into the lives of the college’s students, staff and faculty and making a real difference.


According to Tami Lambert, Career Pathways Community Outreach Coordinator and Food Pantry Lead, “The ability to help out the members of our community is incredible and the giving spirit of so many have made this possible.  Through the generosity of volunteers giving their time and gifts of both items and money we are able to offer this service.”


In less than one year The SEARK Food Pantry has distributed 509 boxes of food, assisted 1386 individuals and made over 12,000 meals available to those members of the SEARK community who are in need.  The pantry also makes small “Brain Food Bags” which are available throughout the campus for students who just need a quick snack. 


Steven Bloomberg, President of SEARK College, in recognizing the need of the food pantry stated “To learn when you are hungry is hard, but to learn when you are chronically hungry is almost impossible.  When my wife Lynette and I first arrived, one of the first projects we committed to make happen was the food pantry.”  Bloomberg also states that “Due to the hard work of partners and volunteers, this pantry is a reality and makes a daily difference in the lives of those in our campus community.”


The SEARK Food Pantry is a member of the Arkansas Food Bank and has partnered with L&R Distributors and Tyson Foods.  These partnerships along with countless donations from both individuals and local businesses help make resources available. 


The SEARK Food Pantry will be hosting a Food Pantry Birthday Bash on Thursday, March 14 from 11:00am-1:30pm.  As part of the celebration Super 1 Foods has donated refreshments and the First Baptist Church of White Hall will be grilling hotdogs and burgers.   For more information on the Birthday Bash or to learn more about the SEARK Food Pantry, you can contact Tami Lambert at (870) 850-4823.


SEARK Food Pantry Birthday