Seark College

Southeast Arkansas College’s Radiologic Technology Program recently installed a new digital x-ray imaging system located in the McGeorge Hall Radiology Lab.  This technology will allow students the ability to use leading edge technology to create digital x-ray images for diagnostic purposes consistent with industry standards adopted by leading medical providers in the state. 

According to Tina Pierce, Radiologic Program Coordinator, “This equipment is at the forefront of radiography technology and transports our program into the 21st century.  It allows our students to experience all forms of x-ray development from darkroom processing, to film x-rays, to digital imaging.”  She also commented, “We are one of only a few colleges in the state of Arkansas to acquire this type of technology.”

Tommy Nix, Clinical Coordinator for the Radiologic Program, pointed out that “Digital Radiography is imaging that utilizes sensors instead of traditional photographic film.  The benefits include a reduction in radiation exposure for both the patient and the healthcare provider.”  Nix also stated that “This process makes images digital and thus easier to share with healthcare providers regardless of geographic location.” 

The installation of the new x-ray system is an example of SEARK College’s recent efforts to ensure students are trained using the latest technology.  According to Dr. Kaleybra Morehead, Vice President for Academic Affairs, “The college regularly evaluates degree options to ensure that each program has the highest quality of resources available to prepare students for their career.  With the evolution of the radiologic field utilizing this newer technology, our students will maintain competitiveness in the job market.”  

Funding was provided through the Federal Carl Perkins Grant Program whose goal is to promote increased educational attainment and improved workforce opportunities for Career and Technical Education students.   The system was transported and installed through Silverlining, Inc. of Mississippi. 

For more information about the new x-ray imaging system or about the Radiologic Technology Program contact Ms. Tina Pierce at (870)-543-5941

Ms. Marilyn Carter tests the new digital x-ray imaging system in SEARK College’s Radiology Lab.

Photo Caption: Ms. Marilyn Carter tests the new digital x-ray imaging system in SEARK College’s Radiology Lab.