Seark College

Congressman Bruce Westerman visited Southeast Arkansas College to meet and discuss new and expanded programs with members of the Board of Trustees, administrators, and faculty.

While on campus, Congressman Westerman was provided a tour of SEARK’s Electro-Mechanical Maintenance Lab and shown how the lab has evolved since being opened in the fall of 2016.  According to Lyric Seymore, Dean of Technical Studies, “The Congressman visited us shortly after the lab was first set up.  At that time we were just getting this program started and now we are preparing to graduate the first students from the program.”

Following the visit to the lab, the Congressman visited with SEARK President Steven Bloomberg, and members of the SEARK Board of Trustees to discuss new initiatives being explored to reduce the cost of college to students.  Bloomberg stated that “we have an obligation to make college more accessible for our students.  Many times the biggest obstacle is cost and we as an institution are exploring new and innovative ways to reduce the burden on students.”   

Bloomberg also stated, “We thank Congressman Westerman for visiting SEARK’s campus and for all the work he has done representing the 4th District.”

Westerman Visit April 2018Westerman visit