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WebAdvisor is an online system that allows students to access grades, register online, view financial aid information, assess their schedule and work with an advisor online. All student grades will be available on WebAdvisor, and will not be mailed.


Please be aware that registering online does not guarantee a place in classes unless payment arrangements have been made. Financial Aid recipients who have approved and awarded aid are allowed to register, as well as self-pay students. Students sponsored by a third party should contact the Cashier's office at 870-543-5953. 

New Student Planning and Registration Instructions.

WebAdvisor is unavailable when the Drop for Non-Payment process occurs, and will become available when it is complete.  Please refer to the current Academic Calendar for dates and times.



Passwords may be reset via WebAdvisor by using the "What's My Password?" link at the bottom right of the WebAdvisor home page.

Ready to log in? Click Below.

WebAdvisor Login

For further assistance, please contact us:

  • By email at
  • By visiting the Helpdesk in the Computing Services building (next to Business Services)
  • By telephone at 870-850-4900

Please include your name, student ID, and date of birth in communications with us for accuracy.


Faculty and Staff Overview of WebAdvisor






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