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seabrook basketball court

SEARK@SEABROOK is a college and community recreation center located at 6808 Hazel Street.

Just 7 minutes from the SEARK Campus, SEARK@Seabrook offers a variety of activities for SEARK Students, Faculty, Staff and as well as programming for a variety of community partners. The facility houses:

  • two full court basketball gyms
  • classroom
  • workout room
  • game room with pool and ping pong tables as well as 7 big screen TV’s to play your favorite video game or watch your favorite team in action. 
  • four baseball/softball fields,
  • youth soccer and football fields
  • a kid’s playground.

SEARK@SEABROOK is free to Students, Faculty and Staff.

Seabrook Rules

  • No fighting (zero tolerance)
  • No foul language
  • No sagging
  • Emergency exits are for emergencies only
  • Must present student id upon entering the building
  • Return all checked out equipment to the front desk
  • Be respectful
  • We are not responsible for any injuries
  • No food or drinks allowed on pool & ping pong tables
  • No sitting on pool & ping pong tables

***you will be asked to leave the premises if you can’t abide by these rules. It is a privilege, not a right, to use the facility.

Facility Access

Students, Faculty and Staff

Students, Faculty and Staff will have access to use the facility at no cost for general use. Certain programming opportunities may have specific fees. Faculty and Staff are encouraged to take advantage of the SEARK Wellness Release Program. Information about the SEARK Wellness Program can be located here.

Dependents and Spouses of Faculty and Staff

Dependents and Spouses of Faculty and Staff 16 years of age or older may use the SEARK@Seabrook facility (including participation in any intramural or health- related programming). For dependents of faculty and staff under the age of 16, monthly activities will be offered that are open to all.

Friends of the SEARK Community Access

Friends of current SEARK students, faculty and staff may use the facility if accompanied and sponsored by a current student, faculty or staff member. Guests are limited to two at any given time. Guests are subject to a daily use fee.

Community-Based Programming Access

Community-based programming opportunities are offered throughout the year. Participation in such programming is open to all community members. Programming may have enrollment limitations and associated fees.

Partner Facility Use Agreements

SEARK@Seabrook may partner with community groups to offer unique programming. Partnerships will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and the specific details of any partnerships will be outlined in a Partner Facility Use Agreement.

Facility Reservation/Use Agreement

Download the use agreement.