Student Responsibilities

I understand the financial aid office reserves the right to review or modify my award in determination of my eligibility at any time due to changes in my status, inaccuracies in information in my records, or because of availability of funds. I understand that any form of aid offered through the college is made in good faith. Aid, however, may be canceled or reduced if funds become unavailable.

I understand that I must notify the financial aid office of any changes in my status with respect to the receipt of additional educational funding from other sources. This includes scholarships, tuition waivers, agency benefits and third-party payments. I must notify (in writing) the SEARK Registrar/Data Entry office of any changes in name or address, enrollment status or major program of study. I understand these changes may result in an adjustment to my financial aid award.

I understand that federal regulations restrict the receipt of financial aid funds to attendance at one institution. I understand that under certain conditions I may be concurrently enrolled at two or more institutions, but that I may only receive aid at one institution. I understand that receiving aid while attending concurrently at two or more colleges requires an institutional Consortium Agreement and a Concurrent Enrollment form signed by both institutions, proof of registration, and grade reports.

I understand that I am required to be enrolled in an eligible degree, diploma, or certificate program offered by the college. I also understand I must be enrolled for a minimum number of credits in order to receive financial aid funding. Financial aid may be reduced based on the number of credits for which I am enrolled.

I understand that I must maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined in the financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.

I understand if I receive an overpayment of funds, withdraw, drop or stop attending class I may be subject to repayment of financial aid funds. A portion of the tuition refund will be returned to the appropriate financial aid fund or to the lender if funds were received through the Federal Direct Stafford Loan programs. I understand I am responsible for reading and understanding the financial aid Policy on Return of Title IV Funds.

I also understand and agree that the college has the option of withholding grade reports and transcripts if any repayment remains unpaid.