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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees*

In-State Tuition

$100.00 (Effective Fall 2022) per credit hour; Out-of-State Tuition: $200.00 per credit hour

Arkansas Assessment Fee

$5.00 per semester

College Services Fee

$10.00 per credit hour (includes student email account)

Lab Fee for Selected Reading Grammar/Writing, and Math Courses

$12.00 per course

Technology Fee

$12.00 per credit hour

Infrastructure Fee

$8.00 per credit hour

Security Fee

$5.00 per credit hour

Science/Lab Fee

$35.00 per course

Internet Fee

$35.00 per course

Professional Fee

$25.00 per credit hour for Nursing/Allied Health and Early Childhood Development courses

Student Activity Fee

$5.00 per credit hour

Other Fees

ACCUPLACER Test Fee: $15.00

Credit by Examination (Challenge Exam) Fee: $100.00 per credit hour

*Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

Charts for calculating tuition costs for up to 18 credit hours are available for In-State and Out-of-State students.

In-State Tuition Calculation

Payment Plan:

Students may pre-register for a semester, then log into Nelnet from our website or Web Advisor to set up a payment plan.

If you have any questions about this payment option, contact the Business Office.

Out of State Calculation

* Lab, Internet, Telecourse, and CIV fees are not included: $35.00 per course

Payment Plan:

Students may pre-register for a semester, then log into Nelnet from our website or Web Advisor (Student Planning) to set up a payment plan.
If you have any questions about this payment option, contact the Business Office.

Non-credit course fees are determined for each individual course. The charge is based on the clock hours of instruction, the supplies and materials required, and the fee of the instructor.

Arkansas residents who are 60 years of age and older are entitled to attend college credit classes at Southeast Arkansas College and other state colleges and universities without a tuition charge. Proof of age must be presented at the time of registration. This waiver does not apply to non-credit classes, assessment fees, or any other fee collected by the college. Senior citizens are responsible for acquiring books and supplies.

Cost of Materials

Books, tools, uniforms, supplies, etc., are required in most courses. Instructors will give students a list of needed items on the first day of class. Total cost of materials for a full-time student will depend upon the program of study.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Students may not attend classes until they have paid tuition and fees in full, set-up a payment plan through Nelnet or made definite arrangements concerning Financial Aid with a Financial Aid Officer located in College Hall North. This applies to all students, including recipients of Pell, WIOA, NAFTA/TAA, Scholarships, Rehab, Veteran's benefits, and other types of aid. Payments in full (no partial payments accepted) can be made at the cashier’s office via Visa, MasterCard and Personal Checks. Check payments that are subsequently returned for insufficient funds will be assessed a return service fee.

Any student account that remains unpaid at the end of the semester and is not paid within thirty (30) days may be turned over to an outside collection agency for assistance in collecting. A collection cost will be added to the amount owed by the student to cover the collection agency cost. Unpaid account balances may also be sent to the state utilizing the Debt-Set Off program which deducts amounts due the College from an individual's tax return.

Tuition Deferred Payment Agreement/Payment Plans

All students are expected to have payment arrangements (including financial aid) in place at the time of registration, or he/she will be dropped from classes. Please log in to Student Planning and view the "Payment Plan and Refund Management" link to view currently available plans and due dates.

Payment Plan Overview (PDF)

Payment Plan Calendar (PDF)


Students are encouraged to register as early as possible in order to secure their desired schedule and to avoid long lines and/or closed classes. All students should consult with their advisors prior to registration. Students are required to make an appointment with their advisor and come prepared to discuss class needs as they apply to their programs of study. However, remember that most faculty are not available for advising during the breaks between terms, so care should be taken when scheduling appointments.

Don't forget to buy your books as soon as possible! Books must be purchased by the end of the first week of class! For textbook refunds and buy-back information, please view the link to Barnes & Noble Bookstore in the left menu.